False Eyelashes Will Make Your Eyes POP!

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While putting eye makeup, most of the women totally ignore eye lashes. Though they are an integral part of the…

False Eyelashes Will Make Your Eyes POP!
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While putting eye makeup, most of the women totally ignore eye lashes. Though they are an integral part of the beauty of eyes and shouldn’t be ignored while putting makeup on your eyes.

Taking care of eye lashes is one part of eye makeup but if you have small eye lashes naturally then make false eye lashes a part of your eye makeup. They add on the beauty in your eyes during makeup and give them a stunning look even after the eye makeup.

A simple addition of false eye lashes in your eye makeup, it enhances the overall look of your face. The false eye lashes are mostly added in eye makeup by women going to occasions like parties and formal get together.

If you have small eye lashes, the beauty of your eyes is definitely not at its best. Big Eye lashes enhance the overall look and makeup of the eyes 10 folds. The makeup makes your eyes look more attractive and bold. If you have colored eyes, you should definitely try false eye lashes to enhance the look of your eye makeup.

False eye lashes are a bit tricky and daring thing to experiment therefore, women start off their eye makeup usually by applying individual false lashes into pieces. The trick to apply eye lashes while doing eye makeup is to never glue the eye lashes directly but applying the glue from the bottom of the false eye lashes and holds them for at least a minute until they are settled down. You can even add mascara in your eye makeup after applying the eye lashes, but these eye lashes are usually dark enough that they don’t need mascara much.

Wearing false eye lashes in makeup make your eyes a little popped out and thus highlight the color of your eyes as they are more exposed to the light and are not covered by the shadow of the lashes because of being a little popped out.

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