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Minx by Eva Lutz

December 9, 2012Written by
Minx by Eva Lutz
Minx by Eva Lutz Designer

Minx by Eva Lutz

“Fashion is more than beautiful clothing. Fashion inspires one’s own personality and leaves an imprint on one’s personal environment. Fashion is, if anything, about motivation and passion.” This is the philosophy that inspires Eva Lutz to create the unique styling significant for Minx.

Clear lines, elaborate fits and innovative materials – pure and in manifold variations – mark the fashion statement of the designer’s collections. Eva Lutz uses sophisticated combinations of materials and high quality garments to create an individual fit for self-confident and modern women.

Minx is uncomplicated, comfortable and of playful elegance. Discreet details leave an individual touch. Employed, successful and at the same time a family person – this represents the modern woman. Minx is the fashion label that addresses these self-confident women of today.

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