Mel Boteri

Tuesday 26th, March 2013 / 13:07 Written by
Mel Boteri
Melanie Mueller

Founder and Creative Director of brand Melanie Mueller took her love for fashion with a business background and her personal shopping frustrations helps her to introduce Mel Boteri with a business dedicated to custom and luxury fashion accessories for both men and women.

Mel Boteri is a trendsetter for both man and woman where Mel Boteri offers the opportunity to create unique and luxury fashion accessories as Unique as you are. She used to use the premium European components with your co-ordination as co-designer, this really helps to create an essential and a touch of glamour which suits your personality and helps you as a style icon.

Mel Boteri has been featured by world’s most fashion magazines and celebrity fan clubs like Atlantan, Jezebel Magazine, British Vogue, E!’s, Fashion Police, LisaRaye McCoy and Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland.

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