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Leandro Cano Designer for Tomorrow 2012

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Leandro Cano Designer for Tomorrow 2012
Leandro Cano

Leandro Cano

In January 1984 Luque born Leandro Cano Ventas del Carrizal, a small town in the Sierra de Jaén.

He spent his childhood in the bosom of a poor family where the values ​​of work, honesty, respect and love will help them grow and develop their enormous creative potential.

At sixteen he moved to Granada, where he continued his training, always related to creativity and enhancing their artistic side. He studied Photography and Graphic Design and did some work for the local press in newspapers like the Ideal of Granada.

His desire to excel and continuous interests led him to Seville, where he studied fashion design.

During that period he was selected to participate as a designer door nobel prizes in Europe, Brides Cibeles, Madrid. He got the third prize.

In May 2011 won first prize in the “Store of Ideas” in the Murcia Open Gateway, which presented four looks your final project.

That same year in July, after presenting his new collection on the catwalk MOVE Seville, Cádiz individually parades South 36-32Na, where mixing male and female models. In August participated in an art exhibition in Barcelona, which included some of his most eclectic, there was possibility of combining several of his interests: photography, design and fashion.

In February 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion paraded in Week Madrid (Cibeles old.) In May, paraded in the Fashion Week in Zagreb. In July he was selected to march in Berlin Fashion Week, earning the award “Designer for Tomorrow” and very personal recognition of Marc Jacobs. Currently working on her new collection, which will be released next winter in Berlin.

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