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Fashion Designer Juliaandben

Julia Heuse and Ben Klunker met as students at the prestigious Berlin design school ESMOD and launched their eponymous fashion label after graduating in 2006.

They channel their respective influences into a mens and womenswear label that continues to strike a balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde and mixes glamour with a unique Berlin street style.

The interaction of abstract and conceptual ideas between the designers is symbiotic and fuels designs that both challenge conventionality – such as boxy, oversized cuts or draped fabrics in both their designs for women and men – but, importantly, their creations are also flattering. Many of the materials they use have been tie-dyed, bleached, moon-washed or aged to create different effects.

The label was born in the back room of Ben’s art gallery on Torstrasse in Berlin’s bustling art district Mitte. In the beginning of 2011 Julia, who also has always been in charge of all the Art Direction, photography and graphics took over the Label and recently moved to a bigger space on Gormannstrasse which houses the JULIAANDBEN store as well as the atelier of the burgeoning label. JULIAANDBEN also sell globally.

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