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Jeremy Pinne

March 26, 2013Written by
Jeremy Pinne
Jeremy Pinne

Jeremy Pinne

Jeremy Pinne, a self-taught designer, grew up in the town of Champaign, Illinois. Growing up, he has always been a creative individual with an eye for detail. When he would attend parties and other events, he never wanted to be seen wearing the same outfit as anyone else nor be seen wearing the same garment twice. So he decided the best way to prevent this from happening would be to design his own clothing.

After constructing a few garments, his designs were beginning to be noticed.

Jeremy became a trendsetter in his community. This recognition led to Jeremy’s talents being commissioned to create costumes and garments for private clients around Champaign. Since his relocation to Florida, Jeremy has launched his line Xempt, which debuted in the 2010 Creative Ambitions fashion show. His inspiration is derived from things that he himself would want to wear.

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